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the paper entitled 'Intramolecular Motion-Associated Biomaterials for Image-Guided Cancer Surgery'has been accepted for publication in Smart Materials in Medicine. 2020-05-21
恭喜李军顺利通过博士学位答辩 2020-05-20
The paper entitled 'Heat inactivation of serum interferes with the immunoanalysis of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2.'has been accepted for publication in Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis. 2020-05-06
聚焦关键战疫情,科研报国勇担当 2020-05-02
The paper entitled '“Building-block crosslinking” Micelles for Enhancing Cellular Transfection of Biocompatible Polycations' has been accepted for publication in SCIENCE CHINA Materials 2020-04-27