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Vice President Ding Dan gave a lecture on "Connecting Natural Science and Feeling Academic Life" for freshmen

The 35th "Lingyun" League Theory Learning Course of College of Life Science was held in the lecture hall of Biology Station. The keynote speaker was Professor Ding Dan, Vice President of College of Life Science. The theme of the lecture was "Connecting Natural Science and Feeling Academic Life".

Professor Ding Dan first pointed out the theme of the lecture: "Are you ready to learn biology?" With this theme in mind, Professor Ding Dan explained in detail why we should choose basic subjects. He pointed out that there is no good or bad discipline, any discipline shoulders the mission of cultivating talents for the country, and as long as they study hard, they will have a bright future in any discipline. Then, Professor Ding Dan shared his study and research experience to enlighten the students.

Finally, Professor Ding Dan introduced the School of Life Sciences from the aspects of faculty, discipline distribution, scientific research platform, academic achievements, cultivation characteristics, international exchanges and so on. He congratulated the students of 2022 to come to Nankai University and encouraged them to lay a good foundation at this stage, enter the laboratory as soon as possible, and make continuous efforts to live up to youth and fight for the future.

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